Custom coffee roasting specialists

We design your blend your way and
ensure it’s always the same.

Café, retail chain or workplace, we have coffee and beverage solutions for every business.

Whether you’re looking to add a ‘boutique’ coffee blend to your café menu or wanting big volumes of quality, consistent blends for a retail chain or place of work, Roasting Australia can deliver all of your roast and ground coffee product requirements.

We are unequalled when it comes to custom roasting capacity, boasting a team of master coffee roasting & blending experts with decades of experience in creating long-term consistent, flavourful blends.

From the farm to your cup, we manage every step of the coffee journey to ensure we deliver our valued customers with the highest quality products. We are proud to be servicing some of Australia’s biggest coffee brands including Gloria Jean’s Coffees and Donut King, and our award-winning products are exported all around the globe.

Why choose us?

  • Quality Certifications
  • Experienced Coffee Roasting  & Blending Team
  • Diverse Range of Coffee Origins
  • Global Exporting
  • Major Supplier in Australia

Products and services


Custom Roasting

We are unequalled when it comes to custom roasting capacity and maintaining long-term consistency. If you want to create your very own unique coffee flavour to differentiate your business from your competitors’, we can help. Our team of master coffee roasting & blending experts, have decades of experience to create the perfect flavour profile to suit your specific needs. This way you will be certain your customers can expect the same great taste for years to come.


Our Customers

Roasting Australia boasts a catalogue of recognisable and beloved Australian brands that rely on the expertise, quality and consistency of Roasting Australia to deliver an exceptional custom blend and customer experience. We work with our clients to tailor a flavour profile that’s in sync with their tastes, needs and customers, to ensure the perfect personalised blend that’s consistent across every cup. An array of coffee centred brands including Gloria Jean’s Coffees, Michel’s Patisserie and Donut King, depend on Roasting Australia exclusively for their signature coffee blends.


Our Brands

In addition to Roasting Australia’s specialised blends for its clientele, the team also roast signature in house blends for its three fellowship brands, Roasted Addiqtion, Café Palazzo and the Caffitaly coffee system. Each with its own unique flavour profile, these three brands offer a range of coffee solutions both wholesale and personal. Available for purchase directly through Roasting Australia, online and at selected retailers across Australia, Roasting Australia’s in house brands display the expansive potential of the Roasting Australia service offering.


Corporate and Workplace

Among its vast consumer offering, Roasting Australia also operates in a supplier capacity, with the ability to provide a variety of coffee products for high volume consumption. Regular high volume supply, which can often be difficult for businesses to manage, is handled with ease by the experienced Roasting Australia team. Whether you’re in need of instant, pod/capsule or roast/ ground coffee solutions, Roasting Australia can supply in quantity to your workplace with efficiency and consistency.

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